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Re: Favorite non-canon ship

Welcome to the "happy few" (where both Enterprises-C are canon, once you accept "Redemption II" as a premise change enabling us to have cake and eat it, too).

You can read in the corresponding TNG thread and the corresponding Fan Art thread that there are several BBS members that doubt the authenticity (and therefore canon value) of the golden wall sculptures aboard the Enterprise-D. It's really worth to read how some people try to discredit something that is so obvious and shouldn't require additional explanations, IMHO.


Was that another approach not to talk about the issue? The one thing that was obvious in the two aforementioned threads was that some fans apparently thought they could tell others what to talk about and what not. And in the Fan Art thread some guys, other than the OP (!), even asked the moderator to close the thread.

Actually, I visited yesterday the "Fan Productions" section and noticed that on 03-26-14 the above CGI image had been posted. Since the corresponding Fan Art thread was closed a day later and the Enterprise-C had become a forbidden subject, I wondered where I could share this nice CGI image. I then realized that this thread was the perfect option, especially considering how you and a few others feel about the subject (but obviously that's still not good enough ).

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