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Re: Favorite non-canon ship

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Alright, I'm quite certain that some people here at the BBS insist that this is the appropriate thread to post, after the other two (TNG & Fan Art) have been closed.
My God, will you let it go? You seem to bring it up in every thread you participate in at this point.

Nice looking ship and definitely non-canon since it never appeared on-screen.
Apparently I missed something (havenīt been very active at the BBS recently) but how is Andrew Probertīs design not canon? It has been part of that sculpture wall in the briefing lounge of the Enterprise-D until they changed the wall with the beginning of season five. Sure, it was a rather crude model and not fleshed out as perfectly as the CGI model above, but still it was on screen for four years and is thus part of on-screen canon!

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