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ENT Shadows of P'Jem / Unfamiliar Guest Actors / Mars Avatar Contest

Welcome to the new Enterprise Avatar Contest!

First, congratulations to our winners from the last contest!

Episode... Avro Arrow
ENT Theme... JiNX-01
Random... Avro Arrow

And now for this contest:

For the episode, let's go with Shadows of P'Jem... wherein the viewer learns Coridan wasn't really a nice place a hundred years before Sarek tried to get it into the Federation, the crew learns that actions from previous episodes have consequences (oops), and Shran returns to repay a debt (and return a scanner).

Our Enterprise theme was chosen by JiNX-01:

JiNX-01 wrote: View Post
Next ENT theme: Unfamiliar guest actors.
For the Random theme: in honour of it being in opposition tonight, the random theme will be Mars: anything to do with the red planet, either in reality or fiction!

All entries should conform to board avatar rules: maximum size is 150 by 150, and file size should be no more than 140 KB if animated.

I'll leave the contest open for about a week. The voting thread should go up sometime next Tuesday-ish.

Have fun!
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