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Re: Want to build an Execelsior bridge model

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I'd like to build a scale model of the Excelsior's bridge (NCC 2000, not NX 2000),...
I don't have anything of help to say but I'm curious: why that modeling subject? I mean the NCC 2K appeared in just one movie and isn't even the main ship. Not that I don't like it, but I guess you already made some other more obvious (the Enterprise or Klingon bridges). If so, can we see some pictures? I love scale models.
Well, I was an old TOS fan - I liked the aesthetic of the Enterprise, but I also liked the Klingon D-7 battlecruiser. When TMP came out, I liked the K'Tinga update more than the D-7, but I loved the Enterprise refit. Finally, when TSFS came out, even though she only appeared for a few minutes, I absolutely fell in love with the Excelsior's design and aesthetic. To date, she's still my favorite Starship.

When she reappeared in TUC, and under Captain Sulu's command, that was just too cool. In any case, I've recently tried to get back into a few hobbies, and I thought doing a scratch build of the Excelsior's bridge might be a fun thing to try. No, I haven't tried a scratch set build before, but when I do get started, I'll try to post some pictures.

One other plus with the Excelsior bridge is that most of the controls are flat panel touch-screen based rather than physical buttons and switches. Even at 1:20 scale, I can hopefully make those look good.

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