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Your drawings are fantastic. I draw myself and I've thought about doing an online comic of my own and your stuff is really impressive. The story sounds really solid, too. I can't wait to see more!
Thanks! I'll tell you right now though, the hardest part is ship design. Things roll along smoothly and then bam, you remember you gotta design a ship. After you think up a design you actually like, drawing it can be a pain in the neck! Those big fins on either side of the Fortune are a nightmare, perspective-wise. Drawing a bunch of key-shots to use in the pages later on is always wise.

Luckily my ship is visually based off the Defiant, so I have at least some frame of reference whenever I go to draw it.
That reminds me of a piece of advice I read years ago about designing cartoon and comic book characters: Design something easy to draw, because you're going to be drawing it a LOT! If only it were that easy!
I went over some of those character designs MANY times trying to simplify. The original look for the doctor took me an hour to capture his look properly. I already knew that took way too long. The next day I got it down to 15 minutes with a redesign.

As for the ship, I'm going to fall back on reusing lineart. Some frown on that, but even the shows re-use certain shots of the ships. i.e. going to warp, orbiting a planet. All that jazz. So here's hoping it's an effective loophole.
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