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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?


I got home and looked at Amazon's website and see they have new PS4 bundles.. the console + Killzone + Knack + Infamous for 499 Euro (base price for the console is 399).

Thought a short while about it and figured i'd sell off Knack and Killzone and even if i only get 50% for them i still get out ok when i factor in the price of Infamous.

So i was spending a few minutes thinking about what additional game i should buy and by the time i decided for Assassins Creed the bundle was already sold out!

If i bought it right away i might have gotten the PS4 before this weekend but apparently gamers in Germany are a very quick bunch and it's eat or be eaten currently

Oh well.. they say the bundle will be available again April 16th.. i'll try again but if i fail i'll probably wait til summer or even fall to get one (hopefully readily available by then and not for inflated reseller prices).
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