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Re: Lost Girl season 4

Yeah, this whole season was incoherent. I couldn't figure out what was going on half the time. It's like they skipped over a bunch of episodes or scenes within episodes that would've told us what was going on.

Like the whole Rainer thing. I didn't understand what the deal was with him, and I hoped it was building to something that would make it clear, but instead they just killed him off and I never understood why he was there in the first place. And the identity and motives of the Big Bad this season were never clear, since he's just been this offscreen gray eminence and there was nobody to actually confront except this Massimo, who I never quite figured out and who was never very impressive as an antagonist (and what was with him suddenly doing a Gollum impression in that scene with Lauren?). And what books were they researching that led Kenzi to become convinced she had to sacrifice herself? That just came out of nowhere. Everything plot-related this season has just been so vague and telegraphic.

And that final battle against the zombie horde was awful in execution. For some reason, these vicious revenants supposedly attacking the heroes were actually just shambling around in the background and half-heartedly wrestling with each other, so that the main characters could just stand around having long conversations in the middle of a battlefield, and Kenzi could just walk through the whole thing and step into the portal and scuttle the villain's plans without any of the villain's minions making the slightest attempt to stop her. It was laughably incompetent and robbed the scene of any trace of drama or impact.

I don't even know why I'm still watching the show at this point. It doesn't even have the same level of sex appeal it used to -- there's more talking about sex than actually showing it. I think the only time Anna Silk took off her clothes this whole season was in the flashback episode where she was really Dyson. Here, when Bo and Tamsin were talking about how Bo needed to heal and recharge before the battle, I thought that was a setup for a love scene between them, and in earlier seasons it would've been; but here Bo just sucked some chi from Tamsin without even touching her (making Dyson's subtle jealous reaction when she told him afterward seem incongruous). I could live with the writing being bad if the show were at least trashy enough to be entertaining, but it doesn't even have that going for it now. I still like the cast, but they're being given nothing to work with.
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