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Re: Want to build an Execelsior bridge model

Why not? It definitely made an impression, as the Excelsior absolutely dominated the opening scenes of the movie. Furthermore, while the set itself was only used once more as the Enterprise-B bridge, elements of that set continued on to the Enterprise-E (namely the wall segments that contained the transporter alcoves) for the remaining TNG movies. And when the Excelsior bridge was rebuilt for "Flashback", it subsequently got redressed as the Prometheus and Equinox bridges.

Interesting note of that railing on the E-A. I'd never noticed it not being there on in TFF, but I'd always thought it was to allow the two guys in the center console to see the blinkie things underneath relatively unobstructed. It really didn't need to be there, except for whenever a guy would be going from one side of the bridge to the other and might need to hold onto something. As for the light pole, given Meyer's love of nautical imagery, it could be his analogue for a ship's main lantern, bell, mast, or wheelhouse. Or all of them. The Excelsior had it too.

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