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Re: Post-DS9 Fan Comic...

Front view of the U.S.S. Fortune

It's total on-board capacity is around 750 people.
It's crew at present is approximately 550.
It has four torpedo launchers, and six phaser banks.
And a wealthy compliment of antimatter mines.

It's gutsy, but not quite as powerful as a Galaxy Class ship when all is said and done. Nevertheless when it comes down to it, it's still a lean, no-nonsense ship that nobody would want to mess with.

Interestingly enough, Starfleet has given this division leeway into refitting their ship with new weaponry at their own discretion, so long as none of the weaponry violates the second Khitomer Accord of course. The captain frequently does business with a Ferengi merchant named Nim. On more than one occasion I imagine, they would purchase a new ship's cannon, or phaser turrets, et cetera...
So the weapons compliment would vary through the stories.
Even crew armaments.
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