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Re: Mulgrew lends voice to geo-centrism?

This makes me think of last summer when there was a great moaning and gnashing of teeth when the OitNB fans "suddenly realized" that Laura Prepon was a Scientologist and started predicting her church would look down on her portrayal of a LESBIAN drug lord. Once word leaked out that her role was to be reduced in season 2, it was taken as fact that Scientology had "gotten" to her and forced her to get out of the show because of all the lesbianism which obviously ran counter to her church's teaching.

It didn't matter the actress was on record saying multiple positive things about the LGBT community or the recent Supreme Court ruling (2013) for gay rights. Nope, she was a Scientologist and had to follow the church elders wherever they might lead. Hell, last night when I searched for new OitNB stories I found yet another season 2 story that brought up the question of her religion and her possibility of being Mrs. Tom Cruise causing her limited exposure in this year's show.

We heard one line from the narration. We don't know what else Kate says or what she "believes".

Could she be a dupe for geocentrists? Of course.

Could she fervently believe in their thesis? Certainly.

Does she secretly harbor the desire to carry a banner for the anti gay, anti-semitic right? Oh my. I'd sooner believe Dick Cheney would hand over Laverne Cox's GLAAD award at next week's ceremony instead of Ellen Page than Mulgrew had become a refugee from a "Red State" living in Gotham.

I suggest we just wait for the "rest of the story" before we take sides.
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