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Re: Mulgrew lends voice to geo-centrism?

I'm sorry, but I really haven't researched this.

I thought there was two options.

1. I was lied to and was too stupid to know what I signed up for until it was too late, I've been railroaded and cheated. Woe is me I am a princess who needs rescuing by a tiny violin player.


2. I don't care who they are, or what they believe in as long as their money is real.


Option 2 seems far more logical.


However now you are telling me that there is an antihomosexual agenda tacked onto the antiastronomy agenda?

Which gives us different options.

1. No it's true, I really do hate the gays.

2. I was tricked into helping homophobes and I'm not happy about it.

3. I loves the gays, but no one gets inbetween me and my money.
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