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Re: Mulgrew lends voice to geo-centrism?

A (basic option) 2014 Prius costs 30,000.

That's how much Wang used to get paid for a week to make an episode of Voyager.

"Narrating" or voice work, probably wouldn't take longer than a day, if they had her redo a shit load of takes they thought could be done better. But really, three hours work, 2 hour lunch, 3 hours more work and they're probably done.

It's just talking for an hour and 20 minutes, not "acting" for 80 minutes.

And that's if the entire movie is narrated and not filled full of interviews and dramatic recreations, and reality footage of science shit actually happening...

Her entire narration, hello this is what we are about, 6 or 7 30-second joiners between evidence, and then a round up, top off and sign out... That sounds like she is in the movie for 20 minutes.

Most of her time in the recording booth will be waiting for the techs to get shit sorted.

So 5 takes on everything, and that's still less than 2 hours before she can roll out of there with a fist full of cash.
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