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Oh, and can someone tell me why you would hide a starship underwater rather than in space? Please? Other than to dramatically reveal it of course. Again you could have had almost same dramatic entrance with the enterprise diving in from space, with the excuse being that in order to get a transporter lock on Spock through the interference created by the volcano the had to get right on top of it.
I like to think they were hiding the Enterprise under the ash cloud to avoid Starfleet's long-range sensors seeing Kirk break the Prime Directive. And under the water to hide from the natives.

Something very similar happened in Insurrection, where a Federation holoship was hidden from the Ba'ku under water. I bet it's takeoff looked awesome too... if they'd bothered to show it.
Also, cure for death in khan blood? Death by radiation poisoning is the next best thing to immolation or dissolving in terms of making sure someone stays dead. It destroys on a cellular and molecular level, your DNA is Swiss cheese after.
Nuclear war and it's repercussions are exactly the kind of thing Khan would have been engineered to survive.
In the middle of a pitch battle with casualties presumably coming in from all over the ship, McCoy takes time from treating injured and dying people to test "what would happen if I shot this dead gribble I happen to have with some Khan blood for almost no reason". Why?
"Khan's blood regenerates like nothing I've ever seen, and I wanna know why."
Sickbay looked to be under control at the time.
Also, have some issues with this movie btw.

Oh, but I did think of a convincing reason why the enterprise was able to barrel up to the front door of the capital world of their mortal enemies, then follow that up by flying to the planet and getting involved with a shoutout with a Klingon patrol, without a major and immediate but whooping. If the moon in orbit of Kronos, was in fact praxis (somehow), than it may be that the planet had been evacuated p, as it had needed to be in the Undiscovered Country, and that the planet was essentially abandoned and unguarded, but still to deep in Klingon space for the federation to risk sending a ship.
The Enterprise was parked on the Federation/Klingon border, and they flew the rest of the way in a civilian trade ship. Yes, the province they were going to was uninhabited (we're told when Kirk tells Marcus his plan to capture Harrison), having been evacuated presumably because of Praxis.
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