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Re: Sexiest Episode ?

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Not to derail this, but some of my least favorite episodes of Trek are the "sexy" ones.

Star Trek doesn't exactly have a stellar record of doing "sexy" right. (ENT's decontamination scenes being the most obvious offenders, but I think it applies to the other series as well.)
And then Trip had headaches and Dr Phlox prescribed him Vulcan Erotic Headache Massages. That's actually the thing that originally got me to quit the series, I didn't watch the end of it till last year.

I'm having trouble thinking of an episode of Voyager that I genuinely felt was sexy. All the moments that could have legitimately been erotic felt so awkward. Like Paris and B'elana rolling around on the ground when she was in Pon Farr. And Seven was dressed sexily but Jeri Ryan was very effective in acting in non-sexy mannerisms. The only character who could have pulled off sexy was Janeway and she was never in sexy situations. I suppose if Kes had stayed and had a courting period with Paris that could have been sexy. I guess, the way Seven was dressed in Killing Game was rather attractive.
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