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Re: In a Mirror Darkly: A Critique?

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^ Some enterprising (heh) soul on the ground could have come up with something.

And in any case, a ship with advanced shields and weapons isn't infallible. The Defiant, faced with a prolonged assault by the rest of Earth's fleet, would have eventually buckled. One ship can't hold off for long against many.

The only thing I can think of is that the current Terran Emperor was not that popular, and so they jumped at the chance to replace him anyway. So maybe that's why Hoshi had such an easy time of it.
If I'm not mistaken, I believe Mike Sussman's short story describes the battle with Starfleet. From what I recall, there was little political intrigue going on, just a lot of 23rd century muscle. Without being too spoilery I'll just say, the Defiant does MUCH more than simply place Emperss Sato in power.

Seriously recommend this book to any who want to see what happened after part II of IaMD.
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