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Re: UT-TFV: Quality of Mercy

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Cargo Bay
USS Aldebaran
Three months later…

Chief Engineer Silane ran a tentacle over the captain’s stasis pod. The man looked pensive, as he had for the last three months. He wondered if organics dreamed while in stasis as if the captain was having a bad dream, or went into deep sleep with a troubled mind.

It was one, of a variety of questions, he had about corporeal lifeforms. His fascination with them had led him to Starfleet. Whenever he thought he had a good grasp on them, he met a new sapient that upturned that view.

It left his mind in a constant state of adaptation, which Silane valued highly. The crews’ hibernation had made these last three months the loneliest he had ever endured. He missed their conversation, their laughter, their arguing, their auras. And the Emergency Medical Hologram had been a poor substitute.

He floated over to the unit that held Lt. Selvin. In contrast to the captain, the operations officer looked peaceful. More so than when he was awake. The Vulcan was nestled in one of hundreds of pods in this cargo bay. All of the other cargo bays were filled as well, with the plus thousand crew and personnel sleeping through the voyage to the Delta Quadrant.

All except Silane. Being noncorporeal had its benefits and its drawbacks, it would so appear. The captain had left him in charge of the ship, making sure its systems ran smoothly and that everything would be shipshape when they arrived at their destination.

So far everything had gone swimmingly, which afforded the Medusan a little time to spend among his friends.

He was just making his second circuit around the cargo bay when the main computer spoke through the bulkhead speakers, “Receiving distress call.”

That pulled Silane up short. “Computer,” he said, “Play message.” The message was garbled, but the Medusan could detect a frantic edge to the voice. Someone was being attacked and they were calling for help.

Starfleet’s standing orders were to respond to all distress calls. But this was a highly unusual circumstance. If he altered course Aldebaran would miss their rendezvous with the rest of the intercept group.

He was plagued with indecision for the barest of seconds, which was too long. “Computer, alter course, to source of the distress call. Deactivate warp sled.”

“Acknowledged,” the computer said, and the ship stopped with a jolt, before he felt it shift, as the ship’s own warp engine asserted control.

Approximating a human gesture, Silane sighed before he approached the captain’s stasis pod. He wasn’t sure how Captain Awokou was going to react to what he had done.
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