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Re: Do all half-Vulcans go through pon farr?

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Maybe pon farr is strictly related to the logic and suppressing all emotions. Once every 7 years those emotions have to erupt.
That's how it was implied to work in "Amok Time," but I'm not sure that makes biological/evolutionary sense. If it were purely a behavioral artifact, there'd be no reason for it to operate on such a predictable schedule.

It might be a mix of nature and nurture, though. The septennial hormonal surge and mating imperative might be a natural part of the biology, but in freely emotive beings, it might not manifest as much more than a mood swing compared to one's normal behavior, and wouldn't carry the stigma it does among modern Vulcans who consider emotion shameful. After all, if the condition can be cured by sex or fighting, then it would be a fairly minor problem for Vulcanoids who are sexually active, openly aggressive, or both. Maybe that's why we never hear about it occurring in Romulans -- they're an aggressive and emotional enough people that maybe they just don't consider it a big deal when it happens. They feel an urge, they go satisfy it, and the urge goes away. Only Vulcans have a problem with it because they resist the urges long enough to let them build up to a dangerous level.

Or rather, it might be a minor (though embarrassing) problem for Vulcans who live with their spouses or near their bondmates and thus have an easy recourse to a solution when it occurs, but a more major problem for Vulcans who, like Spock or Tuvok, are away from home and embarrassed to show emotion in front of their alien crewmates.
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