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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Well, I beat Owl. I grinded for a bit on Rabbit to get points to build up my control stat, and then it wasn't so bad. Tigger, on the other hand, seems like he could be a real problem regardless of stats. When he pitches, the ball turns invisible halfway to the plate, so it's obviously tricky to get the timing right. He also varies the speed of his throws, so you can't memorize the timing. You have to watch each ball until it disappears, move your bat to the proper position, and then calculate the timing anew each time. I'll get him eventually.

I'll probably grind my stats to max on Rabbit before I face Christopher. I am going to beat this game.

Knocked it out in a sitting. Finished Tigger with level 15s... not sure why is says "All Clear" when it gives you another level and a goal for it though. Will have to go back to finish that one, was still quite a ways off after my first two attempts.
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