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Re: Want to build an Execelsior bridge model

Sran wrote: View Post
As an aside, does anyone know why the railing at the foremost part of the bridge is different? And why is there a small light pole in the middle? I don't understand what Meyer was trying to do there?
There was no railing there in TFF:

If I had to guess why there's a different, thinner style of railing at the front, it would be to keep the taller, thicker railing around the rest of the bridge from obstructing the viewscreen in some shots. This also gets into the framing issues with some of the different releases of TUC. The film was shot in Super 35 with a 1.66:1 aspect ratio, but was released to movie theaters in the standard 2.40:1 format. Meanwhile, Nick Meyer's preferred framing is the 2:1 framing as seen on the Special Edition DVD. The 2009 Blu-ray is in 2.40:1, and you can see the differences here:

The railing creeps into the bottom of frame on the 2:1 version, but not 2.40:1.
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