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Re: Want to build an Execelsior bridge model

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The illustrations trevanian is referring to can be viewed here. Some of them are sort of cartooney; I. wouldn't rely on them for any accurate measurements or angles.

I do hope you are able to find an accurate resource to work from; after all these years and so many different sets, the TUC bridge is still my favorite design, and this sounds like it would be a fun project to tackle. Best of luck!
I agree. The bridge designs from TUC for both Enterprise and Excelsior are outstanding. As an aside, does anyone know why the railing at the foremost part of the bridge is different? And why is there a small light pole in the middle? I don't understand what Meyer was trying to do there?

To the OP: good luck with your project! I hope you're successful in building an Excelsior bridge model and admire your willingness to take on such an endeavor.

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