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I played Fleet Captains last night. We messed up on a few rules but still had a blast playing it. I was the Federation and my friend was the Klingon Empire. I had the Reliant, Excelsior, Enterprise-A and Voyager in my fleet. I started out well with the Excelsior finding some rare latinum deposit and brought that back to my starbase. The Enterprise-A didn't fare so well however, being caught in a black hole and only just escaping by the skin of its teeth. The Reliant sadly got caught in an alternate universe and got swapped with a ship from that universe, the Yosemite.

That, however, was a stroke of luck because it was a science vessel and a lot of my missions were to make sensor tests in a nebula.

Meanwhile the Klingons were gradually expanding and encountered a mirror universe, which forced us to swap our hands of cards. They also encountered the Nexus, but thankfully that was just on the edge of the galaxy and quickly passed without majorly affecting either of us.

As our fleets moved through space we grew closer and closer to each other. The Klingons cloaked and sent out sensor echos so I wasn't sure which ship was which. The Excelsior made a daring run to try and take on a Bird of Prey and managed to do some damage, but couldn't quite destroy. Big mistake. The Klingons, seeking revenge, sent the majority of their fleet to deal with the Excelsior. I assigned Spock to try and lend his expertise but with three against one the odds were not looking good. The Klingons hit me with a barrage and the Excelsior looked doomed...but in a moment of heroism Spock sacrificed himself to prevent the ship from being destroyed!

However, it was somewhat hollow because the Excelsior was unable to breakaway from the Klingons and the Empire quickly finished the ship off with their next attack.

After the Excelsior was destroyed I was able to bring in a reinforcement so I chose the Prometheus, hoping to use its multi-vector assault mode to fight back against the Klingons but then I completed a senson and engine test on a class-M planet and that won me the game.

Did anyone do anything special for Tabletop day?
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