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Re: Want to build an Execelsior bridge model

I have no idea if the info in these mags was correct (and I don't think there were measurements, but if the proportions were right I guess you could scale it up based around the idea of standard size human), but the old STAR TREK THE MAGAZINE used to have representations of various sets done as computer art -- would imagine the TFF, TUC & EXC & E-B bridges are probably all represented in various issues.

I've seen measurements for the TMP bridge that indicated it was only a couple feet bigger than the TOS one, and that the TNG bridge was about the same size, only deeper. The numbers I keep remembering were 36 or 39 feet, does any of that sound familiar to anyone?

I think the TUC or EXC bridges could be fun in model form -- to represent the blue monitor screens, you could probably use microfiche if anybody still has any ... I used to use microfiche in the 80s -- literally thousands of them, discarded by WaldenBooks -- for my science fiction ship sets, both in full-size sets and in miniature ones ... when you backlight the microfiche, you can see all the variances (where the print is against the overall blue cst) and it really sells that you're looking at something complex.
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