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Re: X-MEN: Days Of Future Past (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

It's a Bryan Singer film. Logan was always going to be the centerpiece of it. You guys seem to be fixated on him for some reason when the trailers have clearly shown that Xavier and Magneto are also going to be central characters in this and Mystique seems to be a big part...not to mention Trask as well. It also makes sense based on what has been established and created within the context of the film continuity.

Singer has stated a couple of times now that the comic has served as inspiration for his and Kinberg's story. It's not going to be a literal adaption of the comic story. It will possess core elements of the story, but incorporated into the context of the film continuity and build upon what Vaughn and Singer already started with First Class.

Also in an article I'm pretty sure I linked previously in the thread, he stated the first thing that he did when he first got the gig for "X-Men" was watch all the Animated Series episodes. I think fans underestimate the work he's actually done and how much the animated series actually has influenced his films rather than the comics. He would have been most effected by their adaptions of The Dark Phoenix Saga and Days...and maybe the "One Man's Worth" two parter.
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