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Want to build an Execelsior bridge model

Hi All,

I'd like to build a scale model of the Excelsior's bridge (NCC 2000, not NX 2000), but I can't seem to find any accurate dimensions. I know that it was a redress of the Enterprise bridge in ST:VI, but there seem to few accurate references to that I've been able to find. Most layout diagrams I've found either don't have dimensions at all, or are from TOS or ST:TMP, and the TMP version dimensions don't seem very specific. I did a measurement on both of those, and I got about a 19-20" depth for the sunken area of the TOS bridge, but measuring the diagram for the TMP bridge, I get about 9.75", which is ridiculous for having two stair steps. The main measurement that most sources agree on is that the central (sunken) bridge is about 20' across, give or take a few inches.

My question for all of you is: does anyone have any more specific dimensions for the ST:VI Enterprise or Excelsior bridges? I'd even take specs for the ST:V bridge. Elevation specs would be particularly helpful, as would perimeter station and support strut profiles. Also such things as turbolift interior diameter and center of bridge to center of turbolift spacing. I doubt this last dimension changed much, despite the changing turbolift positions.

Again, any help will be greatly appreciated. I'll probably start with a 1:20 scale and go up from there if time and resources permit. Thanks.

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