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Re: TOS: Foul Deeds Will Rise, by Greg Cox (November 25, 2014)

They're likely sitting in a family-heirloom trophy case in Janeway's ready room, time-looped like Kirk's birthday-glasses.

Quick question about the novel, Greg:

You mentioned on Trek.FM that the book brings back a character from the TV series, one Kirk hasn't encountered in twenty years, and that this person appeared in an episode that was less-cheerful in tone than others.

Had a few theories as to whom this might be, after quickly scrolling down the list of TOS episodes; right now, my short-list of potentials includes Capt. Ronald Tracey, Ben Finney, and (yes) Dr. Janice Lester (deliberately skipping over "superpowered" characters such as Charlie X and the Gorgon, owing to the novel's synopsis).

Would've included Garth of Izar, except another novel and at least one DC Comics story arc have already dealt with him in the movie era. Any further hints you can drop us?
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