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Re: MLP:FIM S4E21 - "Testing, Testing, 1,2,3" - Grading & Discussion

I loved it! This was a sleeper episode, in that it wasn't about action, or adventure, it was about something far more important: learning. I love the approach that was taken in explaining that not being able to learn one way does not make one stupid, and it doesn't mean that person (or pony) won't learn a different way. I loved the little character moments, especially between Rainbow Dash and Twilight (two Best Ponies, along with the other four). It also helps that we're seeing Twilight in her natural role as a teacher. I got a kick out of her teaching methods, and Rainbow Dash's clown-ery was awesome, because it's completely natural to their characters. Now, I've been a huge fan of Amy Keating Rogers, and consider her one of my favorite writers, and this episode just reinforces my belief that she just knows the characters so innately. We even get to see background and secondary characters playing an important role in the overall story.

In fact, this whole episode is filled with tiny character moments that stand out, and create a richer, more complex tapestry. We get to see more of Equestria on a normal day, which I love. I've said this before, but I LOVE slice of life episodes, when we get to see our ponies on an average day, just doing what they do best. It felt genuine, it felt relaxing, and it's already one of my favorite episodes this season.

I give it an A. More of this, please.

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