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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

Upcoming Convention Schedule:

April 11-13, Tampa FL: Away Mission 2014
Be sure and stop by our panels and showings of our recent episode and vignettes. We will be showing some of our completed projects from the coming months! An excellent opportunity to get a sneak peak at what's in store for viewers!

Attending will be Creator/Executive Producer Randy Landers and Operating/Financial Officer Linda Marcusky (his wife) who will be discussing the filming of a fan film on a ZERO DOLLAR budget!
April 18-20, Salt Lake City, UT: Salt Lake City Comic Con 2014
While we're unable to attend ourselves, Carl Stark will be manning the freebie table, where our episodes (including the newest releases) will be playing there. We've got flyers there to hand out as well.
April 25-27, Atlanta, GA: Trek Trax 2014
Just like last year, we'll be having plenty of panels and showings of both our current episode and vignettes, but we'll have more than a few showings of upcoming productions! And we're working hard on premiering our next production, S02-C "Second Contact" at this convention as well!

Attending will be Randy Landers, Linda Marcusky, Actress/Director Abby Evans (Lt Tyler Landon), Actress Leslie Lewis (Ensign Ava), Actress Renda Carr (Dr Maura Drake), Actor/Director Tim Carr, and Actress Christin Woods (Ensign T'Noshi).

We'll also be filming another vignette with the cast and crew of other productions, including Starship Farragut and Starship Reliant. Unlike last year when we produced the completed vignette in 36 hours, we're not going that route this year. The vignette we'll be shooting this year will have its special grand premiere at next year's convention.
So if you're planning on attending these fine conventions, be sure and stop by our tables/panels/viewings and say "Hi!"
Project Potemkin
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