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Re: Recommend Trek FanFic

Hi Nathan!

I just read this really awesome fanfic this week, and it's completed! (Extra bonus! ) It centers on the epic friendship of Spock, McCoy and Jim, but there are other familiar characters in there as well. Its' got a great plot, action, drama, humor, angst, and some very poignant scenes. It also has some interesting twist, and a new concept in there that I don't think has been done anywhere else.

In addition, I love this story because its' so well written, I nearly forgot I was reading fan fiction!

I highly recommend that you and everyone else read it. Here is the link to the story:


I hope that you have a great day, and if anyone else knows of some other great fics centered around McCoy, Spock, and Kirk friendship, please send them over. I'd love to read them. So far, this story is on the top of my list!

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