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Re: DS9 on blu ray?

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I know the show [TOS] was cropped to 16:9 for Japanese broadcast and I wish we would have also had that version available here in the States as well.
IIRC, the problem is that for TOS the entire area of the camera negative was used and that's what we've seen on all previous video releases.

Reformatting TOS into 16:9 requires cropping the top and bottom in a rather brutal fashion, while with TNG and DS9 you probably could mostly add the unused areas left and right on the camera negative to get a wider picture than just the known 4:3 image.

For TNG I can imagine both aspect ratio versions to co-exist peacefully in the long run, but with DS9 or VOY I'm not so sure.
Anyway, this will be a decision CBS Home Entertainment has to make, I was merely trying to express that a tasteful reformatting into widescreen mustn't necessarily be the end of the world.

I just wouldn't want the aspect ratio debate to stand in the way of remastering DS9 in HD, too.

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