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Re: Scott Bakula to star in new NCIS spinoff

I liked Scott's accent. I think the emphasis on NO was to remind us we aren't just "another" Law & Order set in the same danged city.

NCIS-LA has a definite feel, and NCIS NO will have a definite feel.

I'm looking forward to the new show and to seeing a Zoe without the Coates hang-ups. (Don't get me wrong, I came to love Coates, but she was not someone to help build a show upon.)

Trek actors keep coming to NCIS. Connor Trinnear as a bad guy, Susannah Thompson as an Army Colonel/ investigator/ Jethro's romantic interest, Marina Sirtis as the Mossad director and now Scot as new show's lead. I wonder who's next?

(Jolene doesn't count, cuz that was JAG. )

Speaking of Scott Bakula, he will be in Boston this June for a Creation con with Avery Brooks and Kate Mulgrew.
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