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Post-DS9 Fan Comic...

So, I came up with my own ship and crew playing some Star Trek Online and was just chatting with a buddy of mine about it.
He asked me if I ever wrote any fan fic, and if I did now- would I use my crew? So I told him it'd be a cool thing to do.
Within minutes we were tossing plot ideas around.
By the end of the night I had a story down. Then I tweaked my STO crew to fit the story, and added some new characters from scratch.

I'm not looking to fit this in canon or anything. But I would like some feedback on my ideas and maybe a few helpful pointers.
I consider myself a big Trek fan honestly, and really just made this account to get some insight from those better versed than I.
I don't wanna write this with the ignorance of like... Damon Lindelof or anything. I don't wanna break any of the rules. Like... transporting to Qo'noS from Earth. But I have alot of ideas for sure.

I wanted to capture a TNG vibe, but with some of the trappings of DS9. I guess the foreword I wrote for the comic might clear some things up...

"It is a time of uncertainty for the Federation...

In the weeks following the end of the Dominion war, alliances between the federation and the Romulans
have become strained. rumors spread about spies and
saboteurs. many suspect the end of the alliance
altogether. and despite surrender, leftover resistance
from Dominion forces stranded in the Alpha Quadrant,
have been attacking civilian and military targets at
random. meanwhile, some say that the Klingon empire,
despite now being under general Martok’s leadership,
will still jump at any chance to go to war again...
even against an ally.

In response, Starfleet has commissioned a series of
“peacekeeping” vessels to maintain order in the Alpha
Quadrant. ships specifically designated and armed
to settle disputes, combat dominion remnants, and ensure
that the peace they’ve found... is going to last-
by any means necessary."

'My' ship is called the U.S.S. Fortune. It's one of these 'new' vessels. Put together from Defiant and Galaxy class vessels.
This is partly because Starfleet wouldn't have the time or resources to create an entirely new class of ships at this time- especially not with Voyager recently lost. The Fortune is bigger than your average Defiant class vessel though. By almost 2x.
Some of the excessive firepower has been swapped out for things like Holodecks... more crew quarters. That sort of thing.
The interiors, especially the bridge, will look definitely like your average Galaxy class vessel but with tweaks for sure.

And yes, the title is "The Next Frontier"
Someone gave me crap for it, but I could care less honestly.
I have a full character roster, a pilot "episode" plotted out, tons of sketches, designs, ideas, future 'episode' ideas, the works.

Here is the 1st issue cover.

And all the price stuff is just for show. I'm not actually selling this. It'll be free to read online in it's entirety when I'm done.
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