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Re: Star Trek: End of the 24th Century and Beyond Version 2.0

Part 15

The Klingon conquest near GS3 continues. A member of Section 31 arrives on GS3 to help the station crew investigate the source of the mysterious attacks, which continue throughout the year.

The Federation and the Commonwealth stop an attempted Cybernator invasion of Lateoval, a portion of which is still reeling from the fall of the Kalateo Empire. Only 1 city of one of the other civilisations one the planet is scooped up by the Cybernator ship. The 2 nations set up a base in the Lateoval system in case the Cybernators come back.

Anthony Paris (Tom and B’Elanna’s great grandson), begins exploring in the Alpha Flyer 2.

The 268th member joins the Federation.

Voyager patrols the Federation/Iiata border.

The Klingon conquest slows down. The mysterious attacks continue near GS3, despite the ongoing investigation.

Gamma Base 26 is commissioned and begins operations.

The Federation and the Dominion sign an alliance against the perpetrators of the mysterious attacks at GS3.

The Commonwealth sets up a secret base in the Dyson Sphere.

Anthony discovers a Preserver world where there are Australian Aborigines, they are still living traditionally.

The Enterprise is involved in the investigation of the mysterious attacks at GS3.

The Felis discovers a duplicate of Pacifica.

The 269th member joins the Federation.

New Dominion agents are caught in the act of sabotage on some Federation colonies.

The Klingon conquest force and the Starfleet forces based at GS3 uncover the perpetrators of the attacks. A civilisation previously thought to be reclusive, the Na Kalras. Backed into a corner they declare war on the Federation and the Klingons. The Dominion and the Commonwealth also join this war, though their presence much less than the Federation and the Klingons.

Exploration is carried out from Gamma Base 26

The Felis discovers 123 M-Class satellites in one system. Most of them have pre-industrial civilisations.

The Na Kalras are defeated.

The Klingons then withdraw from the planets that they had conquered.

Many first contacts are made at Gamma Base 26.

Starfleet Command forms a covert exploration arm to specifically explore ahead of ‘official’ explorers.

Anna’s granddaughter Belle decides to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps, she spends the year exploring various Federation worlds.

Anthony Paris rediscovers one of the worlds documented by Anna and notes the changes that have occurred in the decades since.

A remote Federation colony falls to the Cybernators.

The Enterprise patrols the Federation-Typhon border.

A Ferengi expedition arrives at Gamma Base 26 with rumours of a civilisation that is more capitalist than Ferenginar.

Belle leaves the Federation, heading towards Lateoval...

The Commonwealth begins to explore from their secret base in the Dyson Sphere.

The Dominion sets up a base near GB 26.

A ship is sent from GB 26 to investigate the hyper-capitalist rumour.

The Federation gains its 270th member, Capella IV.

The Enterprise begins a long range exploration mission.

The secret Commonwealth base in the Sphere is attacked by a nearby civilisation...

Anthony Paris explores several pre-industrial worlds that seem very similar to each other.

It is peaceful at GB26

The Felis is decommissioned after its 8th long range mission in the Gamma Quadrant. The Mus is commissioned and begins its 1st long range mission.

A Section 31 plot at Gamma Base 26 is foiled by the Base’s crew.

Belle briefly visits Lateoval.

The Tetari Consortium (The hyper-capitalist civilisation) makes first contact with the Federation at Gamma Base 26

The Mus leaves known space.

Some covert explorers discover evidence of Hirogen activity relatively near Federation space.

A fleet of Federation ships destroys a Cybernator vessel threatening a remote outpost.

Belle escapes from a confrontation between a Klingon fleet and a Hirogen hunting vessel.

Paris discovers the descendants of lost Vomnin explorers.

A representative of a Tetari Uber-Corporation comes to GB 26. Section 31 sends some agents to GB 26 to determine whether any of The Tetari Uber-Corps would pose a threat to the Federation.

The Mus is bogged down at an apparently pre-industrial planet when some natives take their warp core…
The natives were a lot more advanced than they looked...

The USS New Horizons carries out 3 short-range exploration missions in the Gamma Quadrant, close to GB 26.

A Cybernator armada is destroyed when it attempts to attack an Aegis outpost near Commonwealth space.

At GB 26, there is another first contact.

The Mus regains their warp core and they get on their way again.

The New Horizons carries out 4 more short-range exploration missions in the GQ.

The Federation gains its 275th member.

Belle arrives at Lateoval after exploring every world on the way there.

Several Sphere civilisations federate...

A Section 31 operation near the Dyson Sphere is thwarted by Gorn agents.

Anthony Paris discovers an abandoned Klingon ship near the galactic edge.
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