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Re: Chapter One

DavidFalkayn said:
This has the makings of being a very...tempestuous...crew dynamic here. Already we have a goodly portion of the staff not liking each other, the grizzled Master Chief challenging a time serving anal retentive Vulcan admiral to a duel, the other chief having gotten into a dust up with three junior officers, a Marine captain who doesn't care too much for Cardassians either, and a CO and XO who would rather be "somewhere else". Add to that a dangerous, sensitive recovery mission and you have the makings of a rip-snorting tale. Now, we get to see whether this group can salvage the Shepard before killing each other...
Wow, I think David summed it up quite nicely. Man, and I thought my crew was dysfunctional!!! And we have yet to discover what the mystery is behind this abandoned hulk. Why'd Starfleet let her drift for decades, and what's aboard that would prompt the Master Chief to challenge an admiral to join in blood-sport? Methinks we've just barely scratched the surface.
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