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What always surprises me is how big an issue the whole 16:9 thing is to people. I mean of all the things one could discuss about a remastered release this gets brought up again and again and again. What is truly annoying is that no progress is made with this debate in the face of rock solid arguments for maintaining the original aspect ratio.
I've watched many, many hours of Star Trek under less than ideal conditions over the years. I, for one, would like to have 16:9 as an option on the discs along side 4:3.
Yes, options are always the way in these cases - totally agree. The only downside is the practicality of offering both aspect ratios.

You can't do it via seamless branching, so, the choices are: Drop the bitrate (quite considerably) on one/both of the encodes, or, double up on the discs - never going to happen IMO.
It's extremely impractical. It's not like recomposing the show for 16x9 is a piece of cake. I'll break down some of what it would call for.

It would require two separate remasters of the show. After the OAR version is done, each episode would have to be reconstructed from scratch as every shot would need to be reframed individually. Some shots could be opened up on the sides, some shots need to be cropped at the bottom, some shots need to be cropped at the top, and the rest need to be cropped top and bottom, etc. It all depends on what junk is on the edges of the frame - boom mics, tripods, crew, etc. CGI and digital removal would be needed to remove things, costing more time and money. The show would look inconsistent as the framing changes from shot to shot. If 4x3 and 16x9 were done concurrently, then you're talking double the lead time.

It could require re-scans of the film elements. TNG was scanned at 2K which works OK for OAR, but if some shots need to be zoomed, then a higher resolution scan might be needed, otherwise the grain would look splotchy and the image would look soft. Zoomed shots and 'opened up' shots would clash against each other.

That would make the project cost even more to produce. People who want the 'choice' of 4x3 and 16x9, do you want the price of each season to double? The cost goes up, so the price has to go up, otherwise CBS loses money and the project gets canceled.

Please just be happy with the way the show has always been framed.
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