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MarkKalz said:
Cyrus said:
WalkinMan said:
can they make it widescreen? If not, why bother...
6 times better resolution. That's a darn good enough reason for doing it.
That has nothing to do with widescreen.

The whole point for widescreen DVDs is to preserve the original aspect ratio for theatrically presented movies. With TNG though, the original aspect ratio is 4:3. To convert it into widescreen would be to chop up the screen ala pan n' scan.
Not quite...I'm fine with the idea of original aspect ratio, but you may be able to get more of the image out of the original film (which was cut to produce the 4:3 image). This is based upon the fact that These Are the Voyages appears to have a larger image with the widescreen version of TNG footage.
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