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Oso Blanco wrote: View Post
Star Trek in a submarine-like space craft = boring. Do you really want to see such a claustrophobic show on a regular basis?
I rather liked the Defiant on DS9. YMMV.

Melakon wrote: View Post
If it takes place after Cochran but before Enterprise, what other than warp drive (which nearly every space sci-fi film features in some fashion) would identify it as having anything to do with Star Trek?
Interstellar Exploration, in the established fictional history of Trek Humans started exploring within a few years of the first warp flight.
Colonization, multiple colonies predate Enterprise.
Interactions with aliens, aliens are living on Earth before Enterprise.
The Kzinti war (wars?).

Some parts of Earth would still be in bad shape, part of the hero ship mission would be to locate resources to prosper Earth and look for trading opportunities for new technologies (Vulcans aren't helping).

Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
Everyone has their own "sleeping cabin", but it's basically like one of those Japanese capsule hotels.
Interesting, but might be taking things too far. Having most of the officers with a room-mate and the crew in barracks might be better.


A work around for what was seen on Enterprise is that the Enterprise's warp five engines were such a accomplishment because they were indigenous Human designs. The hero ship's engines in ProtoTrek are basically alien imported technology, certainly the plans were, with Humans actually doing the construction. This will let the hero ship move at a reasonable rate of speed.

Lot's of modern countries on Earth have jet aircraft, but most of them imported the planes and engines. It would be like that.

Having the hero ship simply be exploring the galaxy on the opposite side of the solar system from Andoria, Tellar and the Klingons would explain why they never encounter Humans before. Lot's of aliens out there, we can meet some new ones (not just the same tired previous ones).

Mage wrote: View Post
Star Trek is about building a better future for humanity.
No, not at all.

What Star Trek is actually about is adventures in space and interesting character interactions.

I can't see a better way of showing that, then to set a show 5 years after First Contact, when we now from canon humanity was doing better, but still not perfect.
A show that centered around depicting the rebuilding of war torn Earth would (with respect) suck donkey anus.

Occasional references to such would be fine, but should be background info.

Fine, drop a ship in there every now and then, show us humanity's first steps out there.
No, center the show on the ship and crew.

For me, one of the things that absolutely kill the last season of Enterprise was the excessive references about building the "Coalition of Planets."

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