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Re: So I have FINALLY started watching Enterprise... love it so far!!

Thanks for the welcome feek61! I am really enjoying this show; just can't understand the hate. It's a lot better than Voyager (which I gave up on fairly early on) and though the best of TNG and DS9 probably still beat it (so far...) I have to say Enterprise is far more consistent in its quality. It might not reach the heights of DS9/TNG, but it sure don't hit the same lows either!

Anyway, a few episodes to catch up on:

"Minefield": A cool episode. The aliens didn't really need to be Romulans, but it was an interesting element anyway. Reed getting hit in the leg by the mine certainly added an extra layer to the standard "crewman in trouble and time is running out" plot. The scenes taking place on the hull looked great.

"Dead Stop": Roxann Dawson doing the computer voice! I wasn't so keen on this one. I liked the continuity from the previous show though.

"A Night in Sickbay": This one had some funny moments, but a bit of a disappointment overall. The Archer/T'Pol attraction thing isn't something I'm too keen on, and I hope it doesn't go all the way to romance. The aliens and the whole "apology" thing were silly.

"Marauders": Great episode. A bunch of Klingon bullies and the Enterprise crew as the heroes in a 'wild west'-type town? Irresistable!
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