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Re: Lost Girl season 4

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(And is anyone else just getting confused as hell by that name? I am because "Raynor" is so similar to "Reynard," the body-swapping insane anarchist murderer in "Original Skin.")
Would it help any to know that it's actually spelled "Rainer"?

Honestly, I've really had a hard time seeing the chemistry between Bo & Lauren. I understood the original spark of attraction between them back in Season 1 but I just think that they're too different to be romantically compatible. I think that Lauren is looking for someone a bit more settled & domestic. That isn't Bo at all.

IMO, it doesn't help that Zoie Palmer has more on screen chemistry with Kris Holden-Reid than she does with Anna Silk.
I think the actresses have good chemistry -- though in a more gentle and sweet way than the sultry chemistry that Anna Silk has with Rachel Skarsten. And it's Bo and Lauren's contrasts that make their relationship interesting.

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I guess I was wrong about Bo and Lauren still being together. If they did break up, I totally missed it.
Seriously, Season 3, Episode 10, "Delinquents."
I'm not talking about their "break" last season, which I remember perfectly well. I'm talking about "Let the Dark Times Roll" from this season, the episode where Bo was very happy to be reunited with Lauren and telling everyone who'd listen that she was right about the "break" being temporary. They did get back together in that episode -- but what I missed was that they more decisively broke up at the end of it. I thought there was just some renewed tension over Lauren's Dark loyalties but that it didn't affect their restored relationship. Evidently, though, it was meant to be a breakup rather than just an argument. But if so, that was conveyed very vaguely.
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