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Re: Lost Girl season 4

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I know I missed an ep here and there, but I never really understood why Bo fell so hard for Raynor, nor did I understand why she was so standoffish with Lauren after nearly jumping her bones at the Morrigan's big party and after Lauren worked with her on the case of the missing Vex and with Dyson on the case of the missing Bo.

Still its sad to see Lauren and Dyson in a better place by the penultimate ep than Bo & Lauren.
I'm getting the sense that no one understands why Bo fell for Raynor. Not the characters and certainly not the fans.

(And is anyone else just getting confused as hell by that name? I am because "Raynor" is so similar to "Reynard," the body-swapping insane anarchist murderer in "Original Skin.")

I figured Bo was standoffish with Lauren because Lauren was standoffish with her, which Lauren has often been. Honestly, I've really had a hard time seeing the chemistry between Bo & Lauren. I understood the original spark of attraction between them back in Season 1 but I just think that they're too different to be romantically compatible. I think that Lauren is looking for someone a bit more settled & domestic. That isn't Bo at all.

IMO, it doesn't help that Zoie Palmer has more on screen chemistry with Kris Holden-Reid than she does with Anna Silk.

JanewayRulz! wrote: View Post
As for that OTHER couple, Lauren & the Morrigan, TBC shouldn't hold out much hope.
I know. I'm just saying it's a major missed opportunity. Had I been writing this season, I would have put a lot more emphasis on Lauren & the Morrigan, given Tamsin WAY more development, and maybe developed some kind of Bo/Dyson/Kenzi love triangle (or better yet, a Crystal/Lauren/Bo/Dyson/Kenzi/Hale DAISY CHAIN OF DOOM!!!!!! (TM)).

JanewayRulz! wrote: View Post
I know, don't think, just "enjoy the ride", but there isn't much to enjoy when there's "no" Bo and Lauren, not much Bo & Dyson or Bo & Tamsin and certainly NO Bo & Kenzi!
Agreed. They're making my favorite show very tough to love right now.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I guess I was wrong about Bo and Lauren still being together. If they did break up, I totally missed it.
Seriously, Season 3, Episode 10, "Delinquents."

Christopher wrote: View Post
I was talking about the whole season. Trick hasn't been acting like a friend or mentor to the rest of the cast this year. He's been acting alienated and secretive and sketchy all season, and it's unclear why.
Agreed. It doesn't make sense. And it's also not working. Trick works great as the stern or avuncular grandfatherly figure. But when they try to explore his dark side, it just feels forced. Some of the most poorly written & acted moments of the entire series were when we got the flashbacks to when he was the Blood King during the last great Fae war between light & dark in "Flesh & Blood."
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