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Re: So I have FINALLY started watching Enterprise... love it so far!!

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Nice to see another fan who gave ENT another chance. In my experience it seems like a lot of folks who either disliked or dismissed ENT during its first run have later come back around to enjoying it after giving it a second go. I know I'm one of them; I saw most of Season One and wasn't too impressed, but came back early into Season Four and fell in love with the show. Now it's my third favorite series in the franchise after DS9 and TNG.Enjoy the show!
I've only posted a few times here so far and hardly ever visited before coming aboard, so at the risk of taking this thread off the rails, does it seem that the hardcore haters of the show usually would hang their hat on a single prevailing production element that they truly couldn't abide? Or would one often get a balanced wide ranging critique that mentioned many issues while also winding up giving Enterprise the proverbial hard kick in the pants?

As an example, I've never understood the rabid enmity expressed in making the case that the theme was anathema to the tradition of Trek by somehow diminishing the majesty of the presentation of the brand. For me it communicated a resonant message of humanity's strivings up to this point in history and at the same time rather deftly acknowledged how far the audience knew the voyage had to run. Stylistically, it makes sense that the genre used was so much more earthbound, contemporary or not, just as the characters are closer to us not only in time but in sensibilities as well.

The naivete of the crew and Archer specifically in making their missteps in dealing with a continual string of "first contacts" seemed to generally echo pretty well the the living out of any number of similar roles throughout history with people stepping out into a virtual unknown realm and having familiar procedures, assumptions, and biases harshly grounded in the light of what real world experience quickly teaches.

Certainly, there are sore thumbs that can be strongly argued merit scorn, from the beginning to the end. Some, rightfully engendering visceral anger as in the choice made on the package used to wrap the series' swansong. But given my own perceptions of the program as a whole, I just can't associate with a sort of lockstep consignment of it to a veritable dustbin of history.
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