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Re: X-MEN: Days Of Future Past (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

^ If they write the time travel rules to accommodate Wolverine, you don't think they could do the same for Kitty Pryde? This argument is seriously nonsensical.

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You're right,

but Kitty hasn't been all that of an important character in these films. Sure I liked her in the Last Stand.. but she's not teh character that people are paying to see. Wolverine makes sense, and they rewrote the story that way.
Sure, and I think it makes sense. That being said, I think he's too important of a character for what should be ensemble movies (he's got his own films to be the star, he didn't need this one). The catalyst connecting the two time periods didn't have to be the focus of the movie, just the bridge between them.

Plus, Wolverine's death in the comic is one of the more iconic images. It's a shame to lose that.
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