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NJOberheim said:
That's awesome! I always heard that TNG, DS9, VOY and some of ENT were orginally shot on video instead of film and therefore made it impossible to upgrade to HD. I wonder what changed?
Nothing changed, they are testing how it looks upscaling the video since thats all they have of the finished cut with SFX.

Outpost4 said:
Also who is to say CBS will do all the series? TNG is arguably Trek's most successful franchise. As much as we here like DS9, the general public, who has to embrace remastering for it to be financially successful, has never warmed to Sisko and company. It might well never receive HDTV treatment. It just depends on how much it would cost versus how much money CBS can make on the project.
That's why they're experimenting with upscaling TNG first. Upscaling will be a lot cheaper than redoing all the SFX like they are doing for TOS. If the upscaling looks decent enough CBS will be more likely to release TNG/DS9/VOY in HD. If they need to redo the SFX and re-edit all the film then all 3 shows are a questionable with TNG being the most likely to be done.
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