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Re: The Nature of the TARDIS

The sonic screw driver:

Much in the way the Tardis is formed, using quantum vibrational signatures in mathematical format, the same too is true of the Sonic screw driver. Using sound waves to move objects is a very real scientific discovery, however, the sonic screw driver uses it in a different way. What the Sonic screw driver really is, is a vibrational wave-form manipulator, whereby sound, because it is in an atmosphere, is used in conjunction with a vibrational mathematical formula, which is emitted to effect a 3 dimensional object at the quantum string level, and thus can manipulate solid matter on a small scale. It's power source is much smaller then that of the eye of harmony, so it's effects on solid matter are exponentially reduced in comparison to the architectural configuration room of the tardis. This relegates it to electronic manipulations, and door locks mostly. Much in the same way a TARDIS can reformat it's interior, by using it's own Validium (living Metal) shell as a vast antenna, the sonic screw driver can emit through it's casing a sound/vibrational wave directed at an object, and encoded within that sound are specific wave form vibrations calibrated to the molecular structure of the object it Is intended to be used with. These calculations can be done within it's own internal memory, (though if near the Tardis it can draw those calculations of the target matter from wireless transmission and data download, greatly improving it's processing speed) and is obtained by a simple scan of the object. See, the doctor who 50th Anniversary special, as the three Doctor's attempt to disintegrate a wooden door.

So yes, the Timelord science of using Sonic technology is there, however it is merely an overlay on the quantum Vibrational technology used to effect real matter.
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