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Re: TOS in the 29th century...

I deliberately stepped away from what most everyone else was doing with new Trek designs: stretching the length and flattening the height resulting in what I felt are pancake like designs.

Once in awhile I like to blow things apart and jettisoning most everything I'm familiar with and look at other possibilities. From there I start to look again at retaining some faimiliar elements while exploring the new. If I really were running a restart---either einterpreting TOS or picking up down the road---I would basically ignore most of what came after. Presently, even JJtrek, the notion is to hew closely to what looks familiar. Look how many fans want to return to the "prime" universe or original continuity. Yeah, you can do that in books and comics and games and fan productions, but I think that wouldn't fly anymore if you went mainstream. It would only cater to the core fanbase and likely not all of those either.

In daring to reinterpreting TOS you risk upsetting so many people who have devloped their own vision of what TOS is and what makes it work. One core element I've always had in mind was that MJ's original ship design was perfectly emblamatic of the show as a whole. It has become almost sancrsanct and you tamper with it at your own risk. Not everyone (but probably most) embraced the TMP refit design. I know (myself included) not everyone was won over by the 1701-D design and every subsequent version after that. Certainly the JJprise caused an uproar. But at the heart if you're going to reinterpret Star Trek you need something recognizable that instantly says "Star Trek" when you see it: the hero ship, or more specifically the Enterprise.

I certainly don't pretend that everyone will like my interpretation, but if nothing else it can be food for thought.

It's interesting CRA thinks there are too many angles because there's hardly a straight line on the design. Even the aft edge of the dorsal is actually a very subtle curve.

Anyway moving forward. The hangar section and fantail are done as is the major detailing on the dorsal. That dorsal detail was...interesting. There are 47 ridges making up that element and they follow a very gentle curve as they go upward.

Next I'll be working on the superstructure atop the saucer. Just as the support hull looked rather weird without the hangar section the saucer looks odd without the superstructure section.

I've been thinking about where Main engineering could be. This design is meant to be about 120-150% larger (give or take) than MJ's deign. That allows for extra room. Manin Engineering could still be in the support hull (near the base of the drosal) or it could be at the aft end of the saucer (just ahead of where the impulse or sublight antigrav drive will be. Main Engineering could even be situated in the dorsal itself either just below the saucer or just above tthe secondary hull.

As I mentioned earlier the bridge is still near the top, but not the very top. It still makes sense to have Sickbay near the centre of the saucer. The shuttlecraft will be somewhat larger than before. The main navigational deflector will be comparatively more compact than previous designs. I've allowed for fore and aft firing torpedo systems. The forward torpedo system could be in the lower section of the saucer or the secondary hull. The aft firing torpedo system will be set in the lower part of the fantail.
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