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Re: TNG in HD

benny said:Wrong answer. AFAIK, there is not a dual format player currently on the market which is as good as standalone HD and Blu Ray players. Further, the one just announced from LG does not become available until February, 2008.
The one from LG is already out. (The article you referenced was written in January, 2007; it said February, *of that same year*. And besides, I have SEEN that player on the shelf in Best Buy.)

As for interactive content: Meh. All I care about is the film itself.

Besides, September 2007 is only a month or so away, so that's not too long to wait for Samsung's player...

Salinga said:
I guess it has also somthing to do with the coming death of 4:3 analog TV channels. The moment there are only 16:9 high definition (pay-per-view) digital channels left, they need stuff to run. I bet it is cheaper and quicker to convert a series from old format to 16:9-HD and put it on air than developing a new series.
The upcoming deadline has absolutely nothing to do with HD. It mandates all *digital* broadcasting. Not the same thing.

All HD is digital, but not all digital is HD.

And even then, the deadline only applies to OVER THE AIR broadcasts (i.e. antennae/rabbit ears). If you have cable or satellite, you will never notice any change, because the deadline does not apply to those.
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