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Put the crew in compression suits instead of slacks and shirts for their uniforms. In case of a hull breach, they can just throw on gloves and a helmet and they're good to go. Same goes for away missions plus a nifty cowboy belt for their phaser. Uniforms would incorporate nifty stuff like smart materials to assist movement and regulate temperature, electronically tinted visor, HUD, and a tricorder in the gauntlet. Maybe a low-power forcefield like the life-support belts from TAS. Not enough to make them phaser-tanking Iron Man expy, but enough to protect against radiation and thermal hazards. This whole kit would reflect the precariousness of the crew's situation - they're out in deep waters on the strangest of tides, and they can't really afford to let their hair down too much. Something could go wrong at any minute.

The Enterprise is cramped, like a submarine, but clean and brightly lit, with design DNA that kind of makes it look like a high-tech version of a module from the ISS, looking more scientific than militaristic. Everyone has their own "sleeping cabin", but it's basically like one of those Japanese capsule hotels. Yes, even the captain's cabin. It's not cosy, strictly speaking, but would have a charm all its own.

Little things like that. It's mostly window dressing, from a storytelling standpoint, but anything that makes Trek try something new, in terms of futurism and general production design, is welcome in my book. ST09/STID isn't really that radical of a reinvention when you get down to it.
I think Wrath of Khan had that in a way. When Khan holed the ship, Engineering was pulling masks off the wall. Not good enough for space of coarse but it would be interesting if that was standard issue instead of just Engineering.
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