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Re: "Ahead, Space Normal Speed"

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I don't judge people by their facial expressions but by their words and deeds.

To me it just seemed that Ferris was enjoying that the renowned starship Captain James Tiberius Kirk had made a mistake and was in a predicament to resolve the situation. More along the lines "See, I told you from the beginning it was a bad idea but you just wouldn't listen. I was right and you were wrong".

I could understand if you'd stopped at deeds, but why not judge by body language and facial expressions as much as words? They tell a helluva lot about a person's motivations, as much if not more than words, which are frequently lies that are brought to light by such facial expressions and body language.

I don't disagree with your description of Ferris' motives that much, but how is that description laudable? He didn't care about the shuttlecraft crew, and he didn't really care about the plague victims either. He cared about getting his jollies from pushing around Kirk.
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