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Re: Disney's Frozen - Grading and Discussion

Just seen it and loved it.

The central characters were all immensely likable and full of personality. Even Olaf (a goofy sidekick character who actually made me laugh... and loudly).

While I'd say Anna is the most enjoyable character in the movie (full to the brim with personality), Elsa is by far the most interesting. Before everything gos to hell, she's practically on the verge of an anxiety attack. Of course it was pretty obvious their parents were making a huge mistake from the get go.

I'm not normally one who likes musical interludes (I know, why am I watching a Disney movie), but they were exceptionally well done in this, mostly because they segued organically into the songs which actually helped tell the story. Helps they were good also.

Oh lordy, I'm critiquing a Disney movie and taking it seriously...

Fully deserving of it's praise in my opinion.
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