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Melakon wrote:
For years, I've thought the title of a Carpenters song would be great for a Star Trek episode-- "Yesterday Once More". I've no idea what it would be about, but time travel is probably involved somehow.
I like this!

Oso Blanco wrote: View Post
Star Trek in a submarine-like space craft = boring. Do you really want to see such a claustrophobic show on a regular basis?
You know? Yes. Done right, I'd watch the heck out of such a show.

One thing Trek could have used a lot more of IMO -- and this goes for all versions -- is a sense of the genuine and constant hostility of space, "disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence" in Bones' famous phrase. TOS didn't really have the budget for space suits and such so I can see why they went the way they did; but the cushy three-star-hotel feel of the Enterprise-D, while understandably meant to convey a more advanced setting than TOS, was all wrong for this.

I'm a big fan of submarine dramas, which for hostility of surrounding environment -- and the necessity of devoting every square inch of space to multiply-redundant systems that keep you alive -- are a pretty useful analogue for space travel. If you're in a ship built for deep-space operations, cramped quarters should never not be a major element of the ship sets, because no matter how much your technology advances, you're still going to want to expend the maximum possible amount of power on your drives, shielding and environmental systems. Comfy living quarters will always be a second-tier priority.

Really committing to that sense of things provides an ever-present plot mechanism, because in a really hostile medium, the smallest mistake or malfunction can kill you, your resupply and refuelling concerns are constant (and can drive any number of stories), the sense of exploration itself as a dangerous... enterprise where your greatest enemy is your environment comes to the forefront.
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