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Re: what's your local weather?

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10 C and raining. The snow is departing rather quickly today.
Ha!! We suck. Woke up this morning to 5 inches of snow. No friggin' idea where that came from!! Anyway, it ended up 7 C and most of it is already gone. Crazy, crazy winter/spring. Tired of it!! I want to get my boat in the water, except there isn't any, yet. It's still ice!! Good a Canadian, I should be used to this crap. It's what I had as a boy, but we've been too spoiled over that last dozen years. I want open water.....

OK, I'm better now.

Thank you for your time.

Carry on with your regularly scheduled programming...
The rest of the world may be experiencing April, but here it's still January. I have snow on my apartment balcony, and there are still huge piles of snow everywhere.
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